Bra Scud BackA while back Whiskey Creek got me hooked on scanning for cheap but very effective fly tying materials. This has led me to continue posting about two materials that combine to help make two awesome flies that I expect to slay trout with.  The first material might be hard to come by for a few of us, those of us lucky enough to have a woman willing to put up with us might have a shot at getting this excellent material, that is if we haven’t pissed them off by fishing recently. It turns out that some bra’s and tank-tops women purchase contain almost two feet of a semi-clear scud back like material, this is used in the item to hang it up on a coat hanger. The ones I’ve found are wider in diameter than the 1/8in scud back I’ve purchased, also it only comes in clear. Now, if you’ve found this on your wife or girlfriend’s undergarment please, I emplore you, ASK! I don’t want to be responsible for a bunch of dead fly fisherman due to their urgent need for this material. I’ve recently been using it on scud and caddis patterns tied on a size 14 hook with great results.

Cat Toys conveniently hold the dubbing.The second material comes as a result of my cats. I get fur for free which one would think would be enough but no, the need for materials that shine, twist, and dub has driven me to steal their toys. If you can find these they come in packages of 6 usually and come in different colors, I’ve found the light pink and green useful for scud and caddis patterns. I should note that this material isn’t that dub freindly but fight it and it performs the task. Using these two materials plus alittle mono for a rib and some antron dubbing to help the rest of the body I tied two Kitty Kat patterns.

Kitty Kat CaddisKitty Kat Scud


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