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That’s D-Dub for Dave Wiltshire a fly tyer from England who ties a mean looking Brassie. Planet Trout posted a bit about Dave’s site and his recent Brassie’s, with that I was hooked and immediately swung over to DW Fly Fishing & Tying which is getting added to the links list pronto. Digging a bit more I came across the article Dave wrote for Hatches magazine which details this pattern, I really enjoyed reading about this fly which is what prompted me to begin constructing a few of my own Brassies tied D-Dub (W) style. Shown here are a few of the more exotic varieties I tied up, I also tied many that mirror Dave’s patterns with a more simple look. The last creature here is a take on a black stone-fly nymph using the Brassie body. I think I’m going change it a bit to make it more natural looking by adding biot tails and a more natural wing case. Note: The soft-hackle feathers I colored with the Bic-Markit markers have held full color after being fully submerged in water for over a week. Also I apologize for the poor quality photo’s on this one. I was more concerned with tying the patterns than taking pictures I guess, the images at Dave’s site are excellent.

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