Decided to go and explore a new stream before the end of the season. When I arrived I must admit I was alittle discouraged by the size, often it was no more than three feet across. I decided rather than going for the safety of a stream I knew I would try this instead. I enjoyed the sun, I got on the water a 3:25 and walked around for a bit. I saw one surface strike on the very edge of the stream almost in weeds. I looked around and found hoppers. I thought to myself its not even 70 degrees is this really going to work? I tied it on with a 6X tippet and got to work. This stream took every ounce of cast accuracy I had. I tried a few spots trying to sink it closest to the weeds on the banks without tangling it up in them. And then it happened….

This fish struck so hard he scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what to do at first. The stream being only three-five feet wide he took off downstream. I gave chase and after about what seemed like 10 minutes I managed to net this fish. For me this is the biggest, most beautiful fish I have seen all season. I felt accomplished. I took my pictures and smiled, and promptly released the fish. Noticed as the sun fell behind more and more clouds that the chance of taking another fish on a hopper had passed and that I should feel like the stars aligned. This could be my last fish of the season. However, I’m thinking about heading back tomorrow afternoon with Liz, if anything just to show her where I pulled it out. Thanks to all those who’s advice made this possible for me. 


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