I’ll be up by 7am to get a jump on the coffee before hitting the road. Thought I’d throw the Big EZ at you before you hear about how it performs. The name is fitting, the fly is big at a #2 Scud hook and it’s easy to tie with a simple hackle tail, dubbed body with a hackle thorax then finished with a dubbed head before the bead. I tie a lot of my flies like this, that is with the head of dubbing helping to push the hackle back. It finishes smooth and looks great in my opinion. I always use a GSP thread when tying behind a bead so I can whip finish then pull the thread tight enough to to sink it behind the fly. So with that I give you the Big EZ. I fished it the other day and tweaked the weight a bit with this half dozen, hopefully the fish like them tomorrow. 

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