So it has been a while. I’ve been busy, trust me. I haven’t forgotten this place and I won’t forsake it. Tomorrow is the 1st, the beginning of every year and with it the usual ritual will be carried out in standard fashion. I’m truly looking forward to it. With that I leave you to read part of a short conversation that took place just over a month ago. As you can see I’ve been thinking about tomorrow for quite some time. Although my hands haven’t held a trout in almost three months I’m sure they will remember what to do when it’s time to start swinging the stick, in the cold. Tomorrow.

Me: Man I am sitting in my tying room listening to Muddy Waters drinking a stout cup of coffee thinking about transitioning to a stout beer wishing for a snowy winter full of midge. Hoping and praying that they are seen in larger quantities than in recent years, truly worried about that. Disappointed that the word is the pink lines are back on until March 1st but two months is just two months. I’ll bike close to 1,200miles in doors in those two months, in the dark waiting for spring.

A Good Friend: You just wrote a poem right there. Well done.


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