Time is of the essence and I must make this brief but I shall re-write this and re-post with images and details. Here is just the raw intel…

  • Fished from 10:15am to 3:40pm
  • Caught One Brown Trout, Had an Awesome Day.
  • Air Temp: 26 Degrees at Arrival, 39 at Departure.
  • Water Temp: 43 Degrees on Arrival, 45 at Departure.
  • Flows are clean and clear.
  • Prepare for the Baetis, they are coming.
  • Mucho Midge Activity, started as early as 11am. 

Baetis Nymph Final Instar

This image was taken streamside and is slightly elongated due to the curve in the glass jar it is in. I collected this sample this morning, I know the image is small and blurry but trust me on this one, those are developed wingpads. I was really excited when I saw this proof they should be hatching soon. Liz is travelling to New Zeland and has taken the camera I usually use, thanks to Sershen for the loaner. I still have the live sample, I will try to get a better image.

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