Swimming PT's

Flashback Swimming PT's

Tied on a Mustad 37160 (#20 shown here), these flies have been great the last few times I’ve been out. I tie them in light brown, dark brown, and black to imitate the naturals in the water. I tied several with a traditional brass bead and several with craft store beads that I found appealing. The black flashback versions that have a black wire rib rather than traditional copper have been producing very well as they imitate an Ephemerella Invaria nymph that are in full force on our area streams right about now. I lost a few this last time out but I tied a few extra, for those who love to tie flies I suppose.

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  1. Haha not the best phone eh? My last phone was a complete pile of garbage– now I have a casio that is supposedly waterproof (dustproof, shockproof etc) and so far its been great. I put it in the chest pocket of my waders and a few times I’ve checked the time only to find the chest pocket full of water– and the phones been fine.

    anyways… now I really want is a waterproof camera…

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