Been working with my buddy Ryan on his fly fishing prowess. Streamers and nymphs have been the name of the game as of late. With me I guess streamers are almost always the first choice but the orange scud though…should never be underestimated. A double nymph rig with a heavier #14 (anything really) trailed 8-12inches by a #16 Orange scud. I’ve been seeing some Lt. Hendricksons come off recently around the 12noonish time frame, a little earlier if it’s warmer out. I’ve also been fishing in the evenings a bit more as of late. Caught an excellent Dk. Hendrickson spinner fall at dusk last week. Super cool to be able to show Ryan that scene. Fishing from 7-9:30 or just past dark has been very productive, lots of eager fish chasing down streamers and occasionally a fat #14 Adams or Caddis will bring fish up to play. 

Personally I’m looking forward to the hot summer months that will find me tossing Stimulators with a dropper to eager Brookies. I’ve fond memories of a specific pool where a stupid long cast with a dry/dropper rig is the only way to catch a trout but if it takes it’s likely to be a big fish fighting with 30-40ft of line to play with and you’ve got thick weeds to contend with. Those fish with that perfect devilishly long cast, those are fish I don’t forget. Hopefully I’ll be bringing you takes of glory soon, until then good luck when you get to the creek next. 

P.S. Wild parsnip isn’t up all the way yet but it will be full on soon. 

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