On July 21st I met my dad at 6:45am on my porch. Liz and the dog were still sleeping as Dad and I slipped off to the first of our stops. We went first to one of my favorite places that I refer to as Dinosaur Land. My father had never fished for trout before, frankly he spent most of his time fishing chasing lazy fat catfish. He brought a spinner rod and spent the morning trying to get a good cast in before putting the fish down. With small trout spinners there is little weight to cast. He started getting the hang of it as the morning progressed.

I nymped with a caddis larva most of the day. I only pulled out one fish all day. That was kind of a bummer but my dad got to see me catch a brown on the fly as it took my caterpillar. We spent the rest of the day working different spots but for the most part I wanted him to catch one so I let him fish and put most the fish down. Still had a great day and it was awesome to teach my dad what I’ve learned.

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