Aug. 19th-23rd 08′

Liz and I needed to get away from everything before she started school on the 25th of August. We stayed at a private campground outside of the State Park. We arrived Tuesday and stayed through Saturday morning. We brought the dog so trout hunting was difficult but I was afforded the opportunity to see one of the coolest places our state has to offer. 


We camped on Forestville Creek. This is spring fed from a cave in a bluff wall and the water is constantly crystal clear and extremely cold. So cold infact that at the mouth of the stream I could only stand in it barefoot for a few minutes. The stream had so many plants in it that it would have been nearly impossible to nymph fish. These are some pictures of Forestville Creek.


We spent our time stream running and playing with Lily. That dog can run forever, well she will again soon. She is doing a bit better now. Anyways, we ate well as you can see. We had one day of rain and spent it playing cards and sitting near a fire. I fished in the park for a bit one morning and hit a few on a flash caddis I tie. This was not on Forestville creek but on the South Branch of the Root. This is a great section of water and was really fun to explore.


Liz and I had an awesome time and saw one of the cleanest areas I’ve ever seen ever. I picked up only 1 piece of trash the entire weekend. I was blown away. The park had five people maintaining the grounds while we were visiting and they said that last year they almost lost the park to budget issues. Support the park system. 


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