This summer I found a new appreciation for the art of fly fishing. This started with my lovely girlfriend Liz’s father taking me fly fishing in Colorado. That was last summer. I went a few times and didn’t really appreciate it at the time. Over the winter months Liz suggested to my family that I might like some fishing gear before the summer. My mom got me my first rod and reel and my dad got me some fly tying tools. I broke my ankle in April and didn’t start until early June. Since that time I have taught myself to cast fairly well, learned a fair amount about trout and the life they live and also about the area I live in. I got into it so much that I got materials together and started tying my own flies. I have much to learn but I’m excited to do so. Summer season goes Barbless Hook/Catch and Release Sept. 15th and ends Sept 30th.  


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