Summer 2009: Reflections

So I finally managed to upload this one specific file to my server (or something like that) which allows me to be able to use a freakin’ slide show. I now have the ability to make you wait through an entire list of images before you see them all, nifty right? With that I am adding my Summer 2009 favorite images to my Trout Hunting page, something to savor during these short cold days. Thanks to Sershen, Wendy B., JP and any other Minnesotan that helped make these images possible they truly reflect my season.


  1. that’s awesome the football pic made it up on your highlight board. We’ll need to have a few more outings in ’10 and get a few hero shots for your highlight reel…

  2. I like this, reminds me of warmth.

    Keep up the good work, I dig yer blog.

  3. Thanks Shane, I’m glad my stuff keeps you coming back. I know I’m not showing any signs of slowing.

    JP, more in ’10 for sure. I’ll get my carp stick finished and we will have to plan a few days in advance man, it will be good.

  4. Great photos and a nice selection of characters and memories!!!

    PT/TB 🙂

  5. Good selection there – many high quality shots that depict well a season or so of fishing. I really miss spring and summer. Here soon though.

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