Imagine this with a tire in it.

We’ve all seen it. I’m sure we’ve all left something behind. I’m not one for boy scouts anymore but the one thing that stuck with me was the whole leave no trace, leave only foot prints and take only pictures thing.

When I go to a stream I do so usually in a 1995 Ford F-150. She’s got almost 250k on her and runs great but she doesn’t get great gas milage. As a result of my non-eco friendly friend and my desire to make up for it I will be collecting trash from the streams I visit this summer with an end goal to fill the back end of my pick-up. I have a topper so trash won’t blow out. Recently I began collecting….Humans.

I love going to trout streams, with or without my stick. This, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in the state and it could be better but I know we all know this. Do you leave trash behind? I think its bad enough that my lost leader and tippet won’t bio-degrade for a good 500 years, I would never leave anything on purpose. I am just writing this to encourage those of you who see it, but don’t create it, to help pick it up. It won’t be as easy for someone to leave a bunch of trash behind if the stream looks pristine, unlike my coffee table which self-perpetuates a mess.


  1. Keep telling the ‘story’. I’ve been for over 30 years and as you’ve seen, it needs ‘more vocal’. Repetition is the tool for education – so keep telling. Very nice site. Found you on a Blogroll in a serendipitous trundle along the mouse. I do love serendipity. Keep it up. You’re gettin’ the hang of it. “. )

  2. I thought that was what a net was for !…..I almost always come back with a net full of stuff. My buddies sometimes accuse me of having a drinking problem with all the beer cans I bring back!

    If I ever do hook a big one and really need my net….

    tip: keep a small plastic bag…like from the grocery in the net and put the trash in there…otherwise the back of you vest will make you look (and smell) like a homeless person!

    avatar Andy
  3. Everything from clif bar wrappers to tippet that I take in, I pack out. Even keep a “butt baggie” in my pack to pack out nasty, stanky cigarette butts.

    And that pic at the top is awesome! I only know of one creek that just springs up out of the rocks like that. Awesome!

    avatar Bill
  4. Great photo.

    Even better post. Can’t stand trash anywhere, and I always find it hard to believe that someone just figures he/she can simply discard something like that. How in the hell do people get that in their heads?

    Mother T said this: If everyone swept his doorstep, the whole world would be clean. All a guy has to do is HIS PART.

    So kudos to you for doing more than that.

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