Stream Reports

Current stream reports, hatch information and conditions can be found here for Southeast Minnesota Driftless area trout streams. Find more information updated frequently on instagram @winonaflyfactory


Minnesota Stream Report for 3/11/2018: Water around the region is in great shape. Water levels are low to normal and clear with the excellent weather pattern we are in this should hold through the week and into the weekend. Little black stoneflies and midge #18-22 are likely to be found daily this week as the weather rises above freezing during the day. If the snow continues to slowly melt off we may avoid blown and cold creeks this coming weekend. I’ll try to update this often over the course of the week with other information I’m hearing.

Stream Conditions: 3/14/18 @ 2:30pm. Clean and Clear water showing almost no signs of run-off despite the 46°F air temps. Stopped and spied three creeks all varying in size and length all are looking great going into the weekend.

Stream Report 3/18/18: I have reports that 80% of the snow in southern Houston and Fillmore Counties has melted off. This resulted in some cold and unfishable water yesterday according to some reports I received. I have had no problems finding clean creeks and if you stick to shorter north/south watersheds I would expect you’ll find the same. I have even reports of early BWO’s in some parts of southern Fillmore Co.