The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency works with volunteers that live near, or visit often, water that needs monitoring. Volunteers request a kit and work with the MPCA to choose a good testing/assessment site for which to collect data. I received my CSMP Kit yesterday.

Materials From MPCAThis includes:

  • Instructions/Data Sheets/Laminated Cheat Sheet for Field Work
  • Rain Gauge with Mount
  • Transparency Tube

The Minnesota Pollution control agency uses data collected regularly by volunteers to help assess the water quality of the lakes, rivers and streams. I will be choosing a regular site to visit weekly and daily after significant rain occurrences. Using the transparency tube I will take measurements that help determine the turbidity of the flow at a specific time. Recording this over time I believe helps the MPCA assess the streams reaction to rain runoff. The MPCA sends volunteers a collection envelope each fall to gather the data sheets. 

Clear PlacementPart of the deal with this is daily rain fall readings logged and sent in with the stream assessment data. To make the job of taking a daily reading at a similar time easier I placed the rain gauge along my walk to the truck out our back door. I will keep the data sheets in the truck and record each morning when I get in. Deciding an optimal assessment location on a stream within 20 miles of my doorstep is the goal for next week. Photo’s and information to come later.


  1. If there was ever a guy out there made for CSMP, it’s WFF. I’ll “have to” make a trip down there to help with site selection. Thanks for volunteering.

    Roughfisher – if intersted – see MPCA website or just let me know.

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