Sporty Girl Foam can be purchased at just about every Claire’s in the country and with just about every mall in our nation having one of these stores this material should be fairly easy for you to find. It costs a few bucks a roll and comes in a few nice colors (Pink, Orange, Yellow and Black) along with a few useless ones but the black that is more of a charcoal matches the Grey Caddis fly and is useful for midge bodies and perhaps even Trico bodies. I like this material because it doesn’t hold water,[singlepic id=1251 w=320 h=240 float=right] aides in flotation and is easy to use. So here is a simple tutorial for tying a simple fly that could be the most important fly in your box come April if you live around here.

The Sporty Grey Caddis:

  • Hook: #18 Dry Fly
  • Thread: Black 70 Deiner
  • Body: Black Sporty Girl Foam
  • Rib: Tying Thread
  • Wing/Head: Grey Deer Hair



  1. Thanks guys, I should note that the tip on the sporty girl foam came from John Roberto at Whiskey Creek Flies (note link in my Resources section) almost a year ago now.

    Brian, if and when I take a Driftless Area trout on a mouse it will be a day to remember, I will document it well.

    Wendy, Claire’s….female accessories geared for those under the age of 17. You can find it at Target as well, not sure where in the store it would be but I remember seeing it their as well.

  2. WFF, The sporty girl foam is also called pre-wrap. Its the stuff they wrap your ankle with before the tape. You can get it at most any sports store also. Its become popular with the girls because they use it to tie back their hair for sports etc. I actually took some of the pink from my niece recently. Trying to figure out what to tie with it. Keep on rockin’!

    avatar Mark

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