A little late is better than never, with that in mind here is how I tied my recent batch of Stimulators. I should note that I did glue the head of every fly but when tying 60 of these flies I waited until the entire batch was done before busting out the glue to finish each fly. Peace.

-the w.f.f.


  1. Thanks man, Camera is the same one I take out in the field the Panasonic Lumix TS1. Underwater to 10ft, Shockproof from 5ft and has a nice wide angle lens. The video can be set to HD like I have here and is one of the only cameras I’ve found that will allow you to zoom while taking the HD video. Hope that helps, awesome camera so far. Take care.

    1. Thanks, I am a perfectionist and after watching that video a few times I have some complaints with the finished product but I guess it turned out alright. The Grizzly Hackle was oversized a bit and I let the hair that makes the tail slip alittle low on the hook shank but all in all I think it will catch trout.

      To make 60 of these bad boys? Took me I think 4 evenings with 2 hours of tying each night so 8hrs? Maybe a bit more considering that I prepped all the materials in advance, searching out and sizing the hackle took a bit of time.

      Thanks for the kind words, I take pride in my flies.

  2. Wicked tie!!! I bet she floats like a battle ship! I tend to tie all my flies a bit “overdressed” they still catch, best part about it is you can “work” it more, skate it, pull it under, smack it down on the water to be loud and still have it float for ya! But hey killer soundtrack too who was that? It sounded almost like Les Claypool?

    avatar Bill

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