Arrived at water edge at 7:15. The sun had yet to crest over the bluff behind me. I watched as no wind created a very slow moving pond at one of my favorite spots. Fish were rising. I started with a larger terrestrial which in hindsight was a mistake thinking now that most need the sun to activate and move. Rather the fish were feeding on either small winged ants which I sifted a bunch of or these longer bodied flying insects. They were not mayflies or caddis. They had long legs and I saw them in the weeds that were on the surface. I think they were eating the flying ants. I took a two minute video which has 19 strikes on the surface in the spot I had the camera focused on. Seven of those leapt out of the water. It was fun to watch but I moved on for an opportunity to catch one. 

Turned to the tato-scud and got a few brown. This particular spot for me holds significance because of its location to my home and being so instrumental in helping my cast. I used this one section of stream for quite a few day trips just to learn how to get my fly in the water. When I would be feeling good walking away catching one or two now I usually pull six or so out and I think I’m starting to see ones I’ve caught before which is cool. Last cast downstream rather than up over a very slow moving pool produced a nice trout who struck hard. He put up quite a fight and buried himself in the weeds. We danced, I won. He was pleased to be released.

All in all I had a great morning and got off the water at 10:30am. I spent the rest of the day with my two nieces and my sister. Later I played a gig at the Draught Haus with my band Brass Lamp. It went well and was a good time.

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