Sershen and the Water

Heath has been a friend of mine long before I found fly fishing, and although I’m kind of flighty and do not see my friends often Heath has always been a good resource for information. I like that he has his own philosophy, something I strive to develop on my own and although some (and sometimes myself) don’t care for his opinions or thoughts he is true to his beliefs and I want to acknowledge one of my mentors. Heath was there for me when I needed information, materials for fly tying, or an ear just to bounce ideas off of. This type of person is very important for anyone trying to learn anything new, I hope I can do the same for someone someday. He has recently completed a research project encompassing the Human Dimensions of Angling in New Zeland. Find Heath and more information on his research, philosophy, photography and ideas at Shershen Bros. 


  1. Fished with Heath once and had a great time. He introduced us to silver redhorse on The Root. In fact, I have a video of him walking up to a riffle and on the second or third cast coming tight on a beauty. Turns out it was hooked in the peck fin, but still a great bit.

    I added Sershen Bros to my blog list – when I get some time I’ll try to read his thesis.

  2. Just to clarify, the posted document is not my thesis, simply my literature review portion of my thesis. Its only one chapter.

    Wendy – we ought to get on the water again now that you are closer to this corner of the state. I chase white suckers and trout through the winter. It would be great to get on the water with you again. I bet we could talk Stino into coming as well. Fishing is more fun when more people are out.


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