September 28th, Double Spawn

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Took off after work and hit a quick stop hoping to get a look at a few spawners. I know there are brook trout here and I was hoping to get to see one or two but that didn’t happen. I did, however, get the chance to see a Male and Female Brown both full into the spawn. Upon arrival I rigged up an SMB simply because I didn’t have much time and wanted to target the larger hungry trout preparing for the next few weeks, also this spot has quite a bit of depth and a bigger fly was going to get to the fish faster.

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I noticed immediately that I had been transported to trash town as I saw the O.E. 40oz bottle mixed with other various trash that had accumulated in the rocks. Hmm…did someone forget this was a trout stream? I know there arn’t carp in that water. I targeted the more likely spots with deep sinking and slow twitching, I picked up a nice male that was showing a kype, very cool. Shortly after I looked downstream and saw the shadows of several fish holding in the shallows. I used a long roll cast to get downstream and across, the second the fly landed I watched as a brown went for it immediately, fish on. This one turned out to be a nice female getting ready to lay her eggs, I got her back in the drink quickly without squeezing out her cargo. I got a few smaller fish before hitting the road but before I did I felt it necessary to remove as much trash as I could get in the net. Remember, it ain’t over till the fat lady… something like that.

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  1. Strong work Justin, especially in the clean up department. Bastards. I just don’t get it – dumping trash streamside, or anywhere for that matter, is something I’ll never be able to wrap my head around.

    Keep up the great efforts!

  2. damn dude, you know that if I was down there hitting it, there wouldn’t be any fish left in that stream! O.E.!

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