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I know of a spot where the fish can be seen. They readily take a fly because they are stockers and in all likely hood very hungry. This provides an opportunity for anyone young or old to get into trout fishing. I don’t care if it’s on the fly or gear, opportunities like this are for those who want to learn and need a bit of encouragement (that and those looking for an easy meal). Take someone fishing, do it for the fish, for trout stamp sales, to get them outside, to spend an afternoon together, to avoid the television, to breathe fresh air, to see them smile. I posed a question to Liz… You wanna go get dinner?

To my sha-grin she nodded and shortly we were out the door. I was hoping the fish would cooperate and give me an opportunity to get her a handful of fish on the fly before she became frustrated with any complications. I should preface this by reminding you that Liz has been fly fishing longer than me and it was her father who turned me on to something that controls a good portion of my brain, time and resources. Liz just never got that into it, maybe it was the plethora of grasses, weeds and other items that cause skin irritation (she is very allergic to specific plants,bees/bugs, ect.), maybe it was getting her flies all tangled up and having to spend time getting things sorted [singlepic id=2846 w=400 h=320 float=right]out, either way she just never took to it the way I did. So by taking the two factors that I know she dislikes the most about fly angling and eliminating them completely I was hoping to encourage her interest. Someday she may be willing to consider going out with me during the winter months when the plants are all dead and buried. All I know is that if I could, I’d fish never fish with anyone else.

Streamside, minimal hike, minimal weeds and a nice roll cast. I got her situated in the creek, put the fly on and showed her how to roll cast a couple times. Then I basically sat back, unhooked fish and took pictures for the next three hours. I did bring a second rod in case she was having a good time but I didn’t feel the urge to fish. I was enjoying myself well enough just watching my girl get into fish after fish, seeing the urge to hook another build in her face. These rainbows would hit the same fly twice if you put it on them right. For some reason they take to a down and across swing presentation well, something about the fly sinking a bit [singlepic id=2849 w=400 h=320 float=left]and then rising as your line opens up and when it does… smack. Fish on! I gave basic verbal instructions when I knew a fish was on but she hadn’t seen it hit or how to play a fish in without getting it caught up in the weeds. I prompted her to keep the line tight and the rod up when she would slip a bit but other than that Liz and the fish were cooperating quite well. Over two hours in and Liz had landed thirty rainbows easy, she did have me catch one or two here and there but I was very content to let her take the reigns and get her fill of fishing. We left the creek with a heavy creel and some good photos. Not once did she get her line tangled, only wrapped around the rod when she left too much line out before casting. Consider that the next time you lift your rod up and back, the roll cast. I’m officially the biggest advocate for the roll cast.

Two days later… we did it all over again. Awesome.

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  1. I love that dirty old lid JP, I plan to wear it until it won’t stay on any longer and then… I’ll be calling you up for another. She wasn’t too thrilled putting that hat on though, it was however helpful and she recognized that.

    Cam, I bet she could out fish me if she really wanted. I hope she will get out during winter season a couple times with me.

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