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I was fortunate enough to get in a couple hours with some friends of mine, Wendy B. and his two boys James and Danny. With the younger ones with us the expectations for the outing were fairly low, I just wanted to see James in action fishing his spinning rod with a twister tail jig. We got on stream and hiked a short distance to the first couple of easier opportunities for this guy to catch a trout. The recent rain which dumped over .7inches of rain in my gauge at home in less than two hours the day before had turned the creek to borderline mud. It was fishable but I had my doubts.

Once in position I watched as Wendy B. did a bit of minor instruction, pointing here or there to encourage good placement of the jig. Maybe instructing how deep to allow it to sink simple things without any hand over hand instruction. After several minutes with no luck James lost interest and moved away from the creek to a small pond looking for frogs/toads and snakes. Wendy just simply allowed him to work things at his pace. While I’m observing all this go down I’ve got my line rigged with a two fly nymph rig consisting of a # 12 Free-Range Scud and a #16 Pink Patrick all the while Danny is perched on my shoulders and I’m roll casting my flies through a run. I got a handful of [singlepic id=2842 w=340 h=260 float=left]strikes right away but couldn’t seem to make any of them stick. I moved upstream to look back and see James with his rod again, fishing a hole with his dad just downstream fishing a run. I smiled at this scene and took a couple pictures. Someday, maybe James will love these pictures.

Ho-humming along taking a few swings here and there I had switched to a #8 Olive SMB and picked up a smaller 12inch brown. James was fishing downstream from me when my line went tight after a good cast was put next to a larger boulder. A dogger was on the line, in my excitement I managed to call everyone around Wendy B. and the boys watched as I moved the brown to the bank. This was a beautiful fish and the boys were digging it. I took a shot of James with the fish right away and then asked Danny if he wanted to help me release the fish in a riffle just upstream. I enjoyed seeing the boys look at the larger fish maybe more than actually catching it. Danny and I released the brown for an adventure some other day and with that we moved upstream to wind out the afternoon. I hung around with the boys looking for toads while Wendy B. took a crack at a couple good looking runs. While away from the creek we spotted a cow that had a horrible limp, back right hoof could barley hold the weight as it limped along. I stopped what I was doing and took pictures of the animal then promptly parted ways with my friends to see if I could find the landowner. I knocked on his door and looked around but no answer, I would later find out after calling the landowner [singlepic id=2831 w=340 h=260 float=right]that the cow had a bad case of foot rot and that had he not caught it in time to give it anti-biotics it may have ended up being put down. He didn’t know about the situation and was very grateful that someone was looking out for the cattle. Shortly after getting back on the creek we decided it was time to take off. One dogger and a saved cow hanging out with two of the coolest kids, a very good day.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been following you blog for a long time and you do a nice job. I’ve been going out after dark and fishing with mice flies for the past several days. It’s been real good. Tomorrow and the next day should be ideal conditions and if you haven’t yet tried it, you should come along. If you’re interested, let me know and we can talk specifics. -Carl

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