1. Hey Man,
    Here’s my third and final attempt. The season’s just about over and I’m cramming in every last minute of fly fishing I can while simultaneously trying convince my girlfriend that after Friday, I will return to being the attentive boyfriend she remembers.
    I have been fishing in the area for 15+ years and I have yet to find any sort of fly fishing quite as exciting as night fishing with mice. Maybe it’s the sentimentality of the dwindling season or just a desire to share something awesome that I’ve found with someone who I respect, but I’m going out on wednesday evening for one last shot at a GIGANTIC MOTHERF****** TROUT and would love to have company! Think about it. If you’re down, I know a killer spot in the greater Winona vicinity.
    Either way, your blog will surely provide much solace throughout the several months to follow. Thanks for taking all of the time to document your trips and put an image to the SE MN experience all of us in the area share but are not motivated enough to make public. If I don’t hear from you, good luck in the last few precious days and keep up the good work.

    avatar carl

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