S.E. MN Fly Tying Army

Sershen Bros. and The Winona Fly Factory partnered to teach and help those in this community who signed up for our class learn about trout and the flies that catch them in Southeast Minnesota. Thank you to our students who were excellent to have in class and taught me just as much as I taught them. 

We learned tying basics from starting your thread to palmering hackle. Along with explanations of the tying technquies we spent time explaining how the flies are best presented to trout. This required learning about trout and the students made this very enjoyable with many questions that pushed us as instructors.  We tried our best to present accurate and helpful information.


  1. good stuff guys. keep the love flowin’

  2. Nice work man. I’ve heard positive reports on your class throughout its duration. Good service provided there.

  3. avatar

    Thanks guys, I do it because I love it.

  4. wow that’s great (are those first time ties!?) keep up the good work– it’s what makes it for me sometimes: swapping knowledge and stories.

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    Yep, first time ties from our five brave students.

  6. Whoever that guy is with the Matthews hat on sure is good looking and can tie a real mean fly

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