Metal BeadsI felt a bit outdone by roughfisher’s constant fly tying finds north of me in Fargo. I needed to find something that would match his glimmer chenille. I’m not sure I found it but I did find something. Liz and I were in downtown Winona when I passed one of our craft stores, I thought about roughfisher and had to peak inside. I was surprised, I found beads that I hadn’t seen in other craft stores, in colors I loved so I had to spend a few bucks. These beads are made of some material that has some metal in it, they do add some weight, I would say about half a regular bead of the same size. The packages have smaller beads that fit down to a size #20. Along with the beads it just so happened the owner knew a farmer that raised peacock and sitting in a large basket were full quills almost 4ft in length for a buck fifty!! I grabbed a few just to try them out.

W.F.F. Tied Midge Larva

I got the supplies home and thought for a moment, put the tunes on and started tying. I used some of the darker blue beads for midge larva flies (#20), this also gave me an excuse to use the peacock herl. At my bench it sits in a vase with other feathers, I reach up clip a strand of herl, kind of a neat dispenser as it flutters falling to my desk. I also tied up a W.F.F. variant on a more realistic caddis larva pattern which I used craft store ostrich herl as well. I finished by tying several BWO emerger patterns, just trying new things. So roughfisher, I haven’t outdone you yet, but I’m trying.

         BWO Emerger Tied by W.F.F.     Peacock Herl, Still on the Quill     Caddis Larva Pattern

Oh, and I proved tonight that if you listen to bluegrass while fly tying you will tie faster, better, smarter and you will tie with a smile on your face the entire time!

Fly Tying Tunes


  1. Those black ones look good, bead scuds huh? Those would prolly be a good one in the big river if we can get through the mud. I bet if we tied them small enough we could hit Hog Suckers with them.

    Hows your friday looking? Its the only day I have this weekend.

    Got any size 20s hooks leftover from class?

    Also – man – you gotta log your self out of your blog on my computer at the end of class. I just posted and it came up as you posting. I logged it out.



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