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I’m guilty of jumping the gun. I have the information available to me but with zeal I just sat down and began tying. I’m pleased I found tying these flies more enjoyable, it came a bit easier this time and makes knowing that I have to do it all over again that much more tolerable. According to those in the know my hackle is far to light for these to pass as Dark Hendricksons. I may end up taking a razor blade to them to save the hooks or I may attempt them anyways just to see, maybe the lighter bodied flies will pass as Lt. Hendricksons. They may end up in a box somewhere, I’ll pull them out 10 years from now and exclaim its the “Dumbass Hatch!” Anyways, learn from my mistake as I must. Do your research before you reach for your nice dry fly cape.

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  1. I agree with tworod. I spent years buying the “exact” pattern material. Now I improvise. Get the size right first and close to the right shade. A friend of mine ties flies based on how he “feels”. Comes up with all kinds of stuff. But you know what – he catches as many fish as I do. His basic form is sound, he just likes to make the wingcase of a PT nymph bright yellow now and then. He showed me what he was using yesterday and it was that pattern tied on a scud hook. He out fished me 2:1.

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