Air temp: 78degrees. Minimal wind. Water: Clean and clear, normal to slightly high. Sunny skies, minimal clouds.

Had a couple hours around mid-afternoon and decided to hit a spot. Recent high-water has flushed this place clean and the difference cannot be overstated. Everything looks amazing, the water is deep and blue, rocks are scoured clean and the creek feels reborn. Looking very forward to hoppers, I can’t understate how excited I am to watch trout launch after a fat-hopper. 

Started with a #14 Hairball, picked up a couple smaller Browns on a dead drift then a couple larger fish on the swing as a streamer. They weren’t hitting it consistently and with the afternoon sun beating down I decided to swap to a dry/dropper rig just to see what would happen. The dry: standard Stimulator. The dropper: #16 Pink Squirrel. Dropper got picked off a couple times, the stimy got nailed by a couple small Browns and one Brookie. Worked my way upstream to a few deeper darker holes, tossed a streamer down those but nothing seemed to be wanting it too bad. Fished back with the #14 Hairball before I had to cut for fire department training. 

The pictures say it all…


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