For those of you wanting to fish this weekend I would say get after it. The creeks seemed to bounce back very well after the moderate flooding seen on some streams. The more water I look at the more it’s evident that flooding was more localized than widespread. I fished yesterday on the head waters of one creek with gin-clear water conditions and then moved a couple miles downstream to find a thick but totally fishable stain to the creek. Fish were caught in both locations and a moderate hatch of mayflies were coming off on the upper section of water around 1:30pm. Streamers seemed to work best in the murky water and nymphs in the cleaner water, general summer trout fishing rules are in effect. Smaller terrestrial patterns have been reported to be working well and it won’t be long before hoppers are here. 

I think the biggest thing to take away from the recent rain is that those creeks that got a good soaking and had the moderate flooding, those creeks are likely to fish well over the rest of the summer in my opinion. They got a little gusher, enough to move out sediment and scour some holes, remove maybe some in-stream weeds choking things but not so much water that it destroyed things or decimated trout populations. I should also note that I’m no expert but rather just thinking aloud on something I’ve seen happen before, no telling what will truly happen but where I’ve seen the flooding, that’s likely where you’ll find me over the course of the summer. 

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