Sershen has done it again, getting some good footage of me trying to cast in the winter. The snowshoes make an appearance in this video and I can’t stress how much time they save if used properly. I dig the tunes , good form Heath. My favorite shot is the midge walking the snow. Enjoy another and winter trout outing, well two minutes of it at least. 


  1. Our guides froze up on average every five casts. Of course, as the temperature wained later in the day this average fell to within a cast or two.

    I have found that with the unbreakable REC Recoil Nickel Titanium snake guides on my custom rod it is much easier to snap the ice off than with the traditional Hopkins and Holloway snake guides that I have on my other rods. Having a slick line with qualities that allow it to shed water quickly also affords us the opportunity to get in another cast or two before the ice becomes an inhibition to our achievements.

  2. Good job! Nice to see this article in the Winona Daily news today. I love the season changes here in SE MN. I of the things I love to be by in the winter are the deep valleys and creeks. How successful are you at flyfishing during the spring thaw? Do you fair lots better just before the spring thaw…before the water gets quick or cloudy? I have 3 fly-rods that me and my boys use in the spring and summer on Lake Winona using poppers for Sun fish.

    avatar Farmboy
    1. The last couple of years the spring thaw hasn’t really hampered my trout fishing. I try to avoid fishing on the first few days of stronger melt as it will lower the water temps keeping the trout inactive. Otherwise I’m out there, especially in the spring. In the spring the bugs are hatching, the trout are becoming more agressive and moving out of their winter hiding spots. As for cloudy water, as long as the water temp is good I like fishing in cloudy water conditions, it makes it a bit easier to get closer without spooking the fish, your flies as they hit the water don’t send the fish running.

  3. The flies that you are using…are they dry flies? I have tried to fish for trout before with a fly rod, but my schedule is very hectic to do it correctly with disapline. I have tied flies in the past also. Tying flies is fun, but I simply don’t have much time for it as I am a farmer and spring is a very busy time for me. How do I know where to get my flies from and how do I know what size to get? Any help is appreciated!

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