I fished from 1-3:30pm under cloudy skies and just a bit of wind. 41°F for the air temp and it felt a little colder. Low and gin clear water with active trout. I parked my car to find “Garfield” here staring back at me from the roof of my car. He hung out while I strung up my rod, friendly little beast. I was hoping I might catch a BWO or two but the rocks didn’t have many nymphs on them and I didn’t see anything rising. I fished a streamer and hit a section of creek I know well and progressed upstream to a section I’ve only fished once before. This creek has a unique personality, it’s small but has held some of the largest fish I’ve ever laid eyes on. It doesn’t have much in the way of big deep pools but what it lacks in that department it makes up in the pocket department. Those 2-5ft wide/long/deep areas that you can’t really fish in any traditional way. The spots that scream “hit me, hit me, HIT ME!!” but you struggle with the approach. Snaggy stuff covered by trees where at best you get two casts before your flies are hung up and you are forced to blow the spot to retrieve them or you break them off and tie more on for the chance to nail something big.

I won’t bore you with details, just know that I fish these places and I’ve been successful over the years. I enjoy these types of creek because they make the trout choose, you may only get one fish from each pocket but the fish you get come charging and they require you to use skill to keep them from breaking you off. I managed a handful of fish between 10-14inches and today just happen to be the day when none of the larger fish I saw and who came out of snaggy root wads and cut banks stayed hooked, C’est la vie. Pockets like this fish really well in these conditions. The fish are hungry and those small pockets are typically broken water, they are so fast and small they force the fish to hit your fly. The trout may not come out but when they do they come charging. Nothing better than pulling your streamer up through a small pocket to see a fish you knew was there shoot out and nail it. I live for this.

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