Notes of Interest:

  • Fished from 11am-1:30pm.
  • Airtemp on arrival was approx. 38°F.
  • Noted Midge on my car as I was stringing my rod.
  • Rising fish spied on the hike in.
  • Fished a small streamer in snaggy pocket water.
  • Overcast turning to slightly sunny with minimal wind.

Fished a rarely fished piece of water that I’ve always loved. This spot was responsible for my first 20inch brown, a big male with a kype. I caught that fish and have been in love with the streamer game ever since. I was back at it day two in a row attempting to correct the lack of fish noted from the day before. As I’m getting my waders on I’m shedding layers. I take note of the female midge that landed on my window. I attempted some macro photos today, key word is attempted.

I hiked downstream and fished down and in on every small pocket I could find. Almost every one that I got a good cast off on turned an aggressive brown. Nothing larger than 13inches but the slight color to the water and the active fish made for a very successful afternoon. I landed close to two dozen browns and the weather was perfect. The midge were everywhere, I took note of a few rising trout but opted to stick with my #8 Hairball and the down and in presentation over the sporadically rising fish in the snaggy area with less than ideal casting lanes for dries. Rollcasts and bowcasts were the best approaches for the day. Hopefully you got out during the warmer weather and if you haven’t the extended forecast looks great for this time of year. Highs in the 20’s and a snowstorm brewing for Monday.


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