I’ve gotten some good feedback regarding the Jan. 17th video I released a few weeks back with Charlie Parr singing Ol’Rattlesnake, I enjoy knowing that folks out there enjoy whats going on in S.E. Minnesota. I found this on youtube.com thought it was worth posting here. When Parr is blaring over the radio my tires are often descending into a valley on a gravel road. My fishing gear in tow and a smile on my face. Hard not to smile under those conditions. Hard not to smile just listening to this guy play.


  1. Yes I must admit I am rather fortunate. I try not to take for granted the time I have here.

    The streams are likely off a bit and the trout may be inactive due to a lower stream temp. A 50+degree day here yesterday with the overnight low the night before remaining above 32 allowed for some serious melt around the area. I’m hoping that by Sunday things will be in good shape. It got below 32 last night and the forecast has things getting back to a Feb. winter pattern Saturday into Sunday.

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