My fall goals are changing due to conditions and timing. I have to be water and go with the flow as it were. Last Thursday Carl and I checked off one of my fall goals. Chase after the brookies before the fall season ends. I’ll be brief and let the images speak for themselves. Browns were aggressive early chasing streamers down. The skies were cloudy early in the day and cleared up throughout the afternoon. Temperatures were moderate starting in the upper 40’s and ending in the low 50’s. Olives sized 16-20 began emerging around noon and continued to do so the entire afternoon. Very few rising trout were seen despite an abundance of duns on the water surface. Streamer action cooled down for a couple hours while the BWO’s were hatching but despite that, a few fish still came out after some meat. This spot is interesting for multiple reasons one of which is the unpredictability of the water clarity. I expected it to be near crystal clear but that was not the case. Lower was stained then as we progressed upstream it cleared up and at the furthest upstream it was very stained again. Cattle pasturing along the creek doesn’t help the predictability but with the temperatures, I didn’t expect them to be wallowing in the stream the way they tend to do in the height of the summer. Cattle were found but none in the stream. The lack of rising we contributed to an abundance of subsurface fare combined with the stain on the stream. The day saw two nicer browns in the morning in the 15-17inch range and it ended with a few excellent brookies and the 2nd tiger trout I’ve caught to date. It also topped my previous 7-inch tiger taping at 11 inches. We hiked out around 4:30 pm. Fall is a beautiful time to fish this area as evidenced by the photos.





  1. hi wff, love your website. can you give me any tips about streamer fishing? I have had about zero luck fishing them. I have a 3 weight rod with 4 weight line which is great for dry flies but seems overloaded anytime I put a streamer on, even if it isn’t all that big. Should I be using a four or five weight? Also, any suggestions re: types of streamers and techniques would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep sending these great postings.

    avatar john oconnell
  2. Good to see you getting in some fall stream time! I’ve been Grouse hunting since mid September and getting a few birds. Going to be getting down to SE in another week or two for a little fall stream time myself. Can’t wait, love fall in Minnesota! Thanks for all the posts this season! The quality of the content is greatly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed!

    avatar J.D

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