After the BWCA trip I had to focus on my daughter and re-shingling my house which has left very little time to touch trout. The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect and knowing it would be a while beforeI’d make it out again I managed to squeeze in some time to see two of my favorite places before the season closed. Tried out an expensive new toy (GoPro Hero6, Thanks Wife) and got enough video footage to make a short video. I’ll note that 60fps compared to 120 at .25 speed is amazing. I’ll have alot of fun next season playing with this camera and I sadly need new editing software but what I have is what I have…I hate being limited.

As the video shows it rained pretty much constantly the two days I was able to make it out. The second day saw bigger fish just destroying a black streamer and I don’t think I managed more than a few fish less than 12 inches. Some good fighters in the bunch as well. Air temperatures were great for hiking between the 50-60 degree mark and my rain jacket is just a beast, simple and not terribly expensive it really has performed well. Ryan came along on the first day, he of course out fished me but I managed the only brookie on the day so that counts for something. I was expecting the fish to chase streamers down in the rain on day one but that wasn’t the case for the first half the day. The typical light biting, very few sticking sort of morning led to an afternoon that saw things pick up (especially for Ryan). Day two I started solo later in the afternoon and it was basically on from the word go. Anyway, the video pretty much sums it up. Enjoy.


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