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Another Sunday run south of the border. Crappy weather, my girl handled it very well. Windy, rainy, cold, the 1.5hrs of sunlight was welcome but left us for more clouds and rain in the later afternoon. Fished from ~12noon till ~6pm, first creek was a new spot. It was beaver town, slow backed up water that looked so damn good but held few fish and those that were seen were closer to 6inches rather than 16. Second creek was a bit turbid from cattle activity, the trout were in full spawn, redds everywhere. I watched a couple brown’s spawn for ~30minutes while Liz was working a group of trout upstream. Very cool to watch them so vulnerable up in the riffles, half exposed in some cases. I watched and took note of a brookie that swam up a riffle to root up a bed of cobble with which to lay her eggs in, sweet. Liz is coming along well, she has spent more time fly fishing than I have but that time was spent years ago when she would fish with her father, she is quickly falling back into the swing of things. Rounded out the day watching her take over a half dozen RBT and BNT roll casting a lightly weighted #12 Black Hairball (no indicator) on a long stretch of slow moving water that would give any fly angler a difficult time.

Other Notables:

  • Viewed the Upper Iowa River from a most excellent perch.
  • Brook, Brown and Rainbow trout slim covered my hands by the day’s end.
  • Watched Liz crush a brown working a #18 BWO Dry fly.
  • Liz fished nymphs without the aid of an Indicator and did very well.
  • Many more Brook trout caught this day.
  • #18-20 BWO’s seen hatching in small quantities at ~2:30pm.
  • Liz had a BNT Dogger on the line but got off before it could be landed.

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying your recent journeys with your wife. I strategically leave your site open on the computer for my wife to find and become inspired by. Awesome to see your wife having fun with something that you obviously love so much too. Very cool.


  2. I’m stumped on what “beaver town” stream you were fishing. Did you walk from the trout stream to the bluff where you shot the pic of the Upper Iowa River? I might need one more hint to figure it out.

    avatar John

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