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  • Source water temp: 48 Degrees
  • Only specific rocks contained large numbers of snails.
  • Sow Bugs, Snails, and Cased Caddis were the macro’s of quantity.
  • Easily the largest cave emitting source of coldwater I’ve seen to date.
  • Brown trout present in large numbers.
  • Awe struck imagining how old this formation is.
  • Seeing this surely trumped catching trout.
  • We live in a sacred area, never forget that.

Standing at the foot of a bluff, watching thousands of gallons of cold, clean, 100% pure trout water pour from a twenty foot wide pool emanating from a hole in rock wall to travel past my feet downstream. We were in another world, another time. It’s one thing to fish, to have trout streams and to see random springs that help feed oxygenated cold groundwater to a system, it is another thing to hike to the source, to stand there imagining who else has stood looking skyward. I imagine this may have been someone’s home long ago, ideal hunting grounds, natural shelter and a limitless supply of clean water. Making the primal part of me want to cut ties, throw my iPhone against the rock wall and never leave. Thousands of years have passed and this is the same, still pure, still feeding a creek and the trout who reside here. This feeling is why we need to protect our resource. Cold, clean water does not just pour from the ground everywhere, thank you Karst.

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  1. Thanks All, I appreciate the response and I’m glad the pictures turned out well. With that said they do the real sight no justice.

    Jason, your welcome for the SMB, glad others are fishing it. I’ll look up the PCA info when I get a free moment, thanks for posting it.

  2. Wow. Looks like a beautiful day. I’ve never seen a formation like that in MN, although one of the springs at the head of Hay Creek near RW produces a similarly tremendous amount of water.

    avatar nt

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