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  1. I once walked upon a guy who was sticking his arm under a lunker structure. I thought what the heck is this guy doing. Turns out he was attaching a fresh deer rack under the structure so the water & microorganisms would quickly clean up the bones. Just thought it was interesting.

  2. I’ve found a couple less than fully decayed skulls while out, I take them home and bury them in a 55gallon trash bin in dirt and leave them for a couple months, make sure to cover the top to keep critters out and in a while you’ll have a very clean skull and rack. Never thought about the creek being a good cleaner but it makes sense.

  3. An old native american trick for getting the membrane and meat stuff off a hide was to put it in a stream with rocks on top to hold it in place. The insects and critters would pick it clean, saving many hours of scraping.

    avatar Mr. Bubble

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