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Not in Kansas, Not in Minnesota. Funny how I manage to find my way to trout even when I’m not trying. We happened to be in Washington for the week and although fishing isn’t an option due to our tight schedule a bit of hiking and a great view was in order. The park ranger here said that Lake Tipsoo was last stocked in 1970 with Rainbow and Brook Trout and since then they have been reproducing on their own. Park rules prohibit fishing but it was pretty cool just to see the trout splashing over the mosquitoes and midges that happened to be around. Gotta get to something like this someday with a fly rod, damn I could have hooked into so many fish here.

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  1. I would have died if I were in your shoes. But, for future reference, you may wanna think about getting yourself a float tube, force fins, and an intermediate and type-3 sinking line. Tie up some black and/or olive buggers and you’ll be ready to go. A few of those Washington lakes have imported Lahontan cutthroats which can grow to enormous sizes.

  2. Lurking for awhile on your site I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how impressed I am with both your tying and photography. Your photos continue to improve and your tying is tight. Keep workin’ it.

    avatar mnben

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