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Each summer Liz does an audit of several stores for the company she works for and I travel along hoping for the opportunity to see some cool sights, to keep an eye on my girl and perhaps if I’m lucky get a chance to touch an out of state trout. This year we hit Virginia and although there is trout water here none of it was very close to the locations we had to travel to. The last day, however, put us close to a tailwater in Tennessee that offers some of the best trout fishing East of the Mississippi. The catch… I only had two hours to get a license, get to the water and find fish. I weighed the pros and cons of the situation and went for it regardless of the time constraints. With my license in hand and geared at the waters edge I waited for the flow from the dam to lower to a wade-able level then hiked a bit downstream. Gin clear water over a hundred feet wide, casting freedom. My first look at the water and I saw rising trout smacking Sulphers here and there. Being a bit stubborn I tried an SMB but got nowhere quickly. Running out of time I put on a stretch of 6x tippet and tied on a #16 Free Range S.H. and got to swinging. Talk about an awesome stretch of water, I watched rainbows swim past as I waded a bit upstream. After a handful of drifts I got my first rise but I lost it when I allowed too much line to foul me up. A bit more effort and I managed to fool one of the pressured Rainbows. These fish see alot of flies and I was glad I[singlepic id=2770 w=320 h=240 float=left] sucked it up and put on the 6x and a small fly rather than try to force them to eat my big streamer. The only bummer? About three seconds after I landed the first I got the call…I had to leave. Such are the rules of the audit, when she is done I have to leave. If I get back here again I’ll be spending days on this river. Soon…home to the land of the spring creeks and my dogs. I’ve got a yard to mow and a garden to tend.

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  1. Hey this is Steve here up in Ely, I remember you sayin’ you bought a Panasonic lumix waterproof camera, which model was it, and has it worked out well for you. from the picks you have put up it seems to have. thanks, “tight loops”

    avatar Steve
  2. Steve, I have the DCM-TS1. They have since come out with an upgraded model the TS2. The newer one has a couple better features but the TS1 is working out well for me.

    Paul, very cool looking water. Nothing like our creeks here but very cool to get an opportunity to experience a different kind of water.

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