The Drunken Sailors and Floating Midge Emergers

These are two projects from the last few days. First are the Drunken Sailors as described in LaFontaine’s Legacy. Liz picked it up for me. It’s cool but kind of boring, and doesn’t explain where they get some of their materials which I find to be very frustrating! Where do you find a “Flex Clip?” I googled forever nothing, and nothing at the hardware store, however, I can tie Drunken Sailors. I really prefer to tie multiples at a time, the simple truth is practice makes perfect. Notice the I started with the lower left white and finished at the last olive one getting better as I went. I’m fairly confident the rejects will still work but its nice to have a few good looking ones.  I like the idea behind the weighting. The book describe how weighting the fly in a specfic manner will cause, upon release of tension, a more natural reaction for a wounded or “Drunk” fish. 

Drunken Sailors!

A Row of Drunken Sailors!!

These are floating midge emergers. Took me a while to get the soft-hackle correct and even when I did I felt like it still didn’t look quite right. Once again practice definitely makes perfect and on a side note I really liked the sparse peacock Ice Dub thorax.

Floating Midge Emergers


  1. Cool flies. I like the olive and brown drunken sailors. They will fish well on the swing, as night comes I bet.

    Did you throw one of those foam midges in a glass of water to see how it floats? I never really fish anything like that, but I know I should.

  2. I did test the float on the midge pattern after you left your comment. What I found was not too surprising. First drop it floats awesome, second pretty well, third alittle less, fourth sinks to the bottom of the glass. That was just dropping it in from a few inches up without any dressing before or between drops. After the fourth I blew the water from the fly and dabbed the foam on my shirt to soak up some of the water tried again and I got the same result as the second drop on the first run. I think with some permenant dressing applied to the foam and maybe soft-hackle this thing will float well. I have watershed and I think I’ll be applying it before sending it out for the swap but I’ll try it on just one fly first and see the change. Thanks for making me think about it. I’ll keep you posted, but you will be getting one soon anyways.

    avatar winonaflyfactory
  3. Wendy, I coated the midge pattern with Watershed and was not very impressed with the results finding that the midge dried and untreated produced almost as well as the watershed treated midge, I think its the amount of surface area that assists the watershed and with this pattern there isn’t much. I guess I’m hoping for the best in that false casting/drying it will suffice. Also, if winter fishing is the way I picture it I’m hoping to pick my casts well and place the fly as little as possible to produce the most fish, in theory….

    Tim, I will certainly give you and update once I’ve gotten these field tested. It’s looking like I’ll be field testing many patterns next season.

    avatar winonaflyfactory

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