I will be trying some new fly fishing gear this season thanks to some very special people who both love me and want to assist me in my adventure. I tried to make practical and yet long lasting choices based on reading reviews and looking at as much information as I could get. So to upgrade myself from the Cabela’s Prestige One 4wt with the matching reel and line I figured I should concentrate on the line knowing that I’m keeping the rod for a bit yet. My ideal set up is a Sage TXL 7’10” 3wt with an Orvis CFO but due to two main factors I’ve decided to wait on pursuing that set up for now, 1 Cost, 2 lack of experience. I feel like I should log more time with the beginner stuff before I save a bank roll. So with that I will be giving a few items a run for their money and here they are:


William Joseph Current Mag-Chest Pack

Current Chest PackThis product is very new so it has little information, I chose to request this one due to research on others, size, and cost. This is the more expensive but the mag-zipper technology sounded very intriguing. I’ve sized it for my fit with my winter gear and it fits great, the pockets snap shut and seal well. They are lined with an anti-water material so as long as the magnets meet properly it will seal water tight. I have found one of the pockets wants to get alittle hung up but I think its going to be fine. I’ve also noticed that it will probably not want to seal well if fully loaded. I filled it with three spools of tippet, leaders, knife, forceps, fly box, thermometer, three kinds of floatant, and still had plenty of room for a few more things. We shall see how it performs on the water. Note: It has warnings about pacemakers and the magnets being an issue. 


G-Loomis Eastfork Reel

G-Loomis East Fork ReelThese reels got great ratings and looked nice. I think they will do well to help upgrade the rod/reel situation which leads me to the next item which I felt needed the most improvement.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Taper Fly Line

Fly LineNew line for me was absolutely necessary. I hope this brand serves me well. It got great reviews and I’m sure will be a big improvement over the Cabela’s line that came on the reel. 


Keen Laguna Trailhead/Water Shoe

Keen LagunaThese shoes have it all. They are anti-microbial, water proof and water ready. The closed toes keeps your feet safe and they fit excellent. I plan on altering my approach to warmer weather fishing this spring/summer, that includes minimizing the waders and enjoying the water a bit more.


Thank You again to those who helped me get these items to help with my fishing journey. I hope everyone had a great holiday. 



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