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Living in Winona, MN my options for tying materials are limited. I can stop at Gander Mt. when I am in Rochester but I don’t like to and I typically end up ordering most of my materials (especially hooks) from the Internet. When I can find materials in town they are typically of the craft variety and as most of us know craft materials can be great but they can also be a complete waste of your time and funds. I believe this 1st material is something most can find and is worth stocking up on. A late night need for an upholstery needle prompted a trip to of all places…Walmart. Walking down the craft isle Liz spots…stretch tubing? Clear stretchy plastic in two diameters, a thinner .5mm and a thicker .8mm in lengths of 50 feet a roll. Whoa… Oh, the kicker? Only $1.73 a roll, are you kidding me? I should point out that this product is not hollow like traditional stretch tubing but I think it has it’s applications. If you don’t want to run to Walmart to get your hands on this stuff, I’ve found it on the Internet at several places. Looks like it might be found in craft stores as well. I suggest using a stronger thread when using the .8mm stuff. In the next few days I’ll be posting a second material, available in town, cheap, and…you’ll just have to check back sooner than later. Peace

-the w.f.f.

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