I’ve got a long list of things that need my attention and from the beginning this blog/journal/whatever you call it was supposed to be a semi-organized/semi-scientific approach to the Southeast Minnesota/Driftless Area.  I have organized some of the better [singlepic id=482 w=280 h=200 float=right]photo’s of the natural insects seen on our streams and included a bit of hatch information for the ones I managed to stumble across. This is an incomplete and on going effort that I hope will grow over the years, it can be found here.

Look for more from the Winona Fly Factory with the coming year and the season changes it holds. With the updated and organized photo galleries I will be able to quickly add and compile images that will help myself and hopefully others tie the flies that make the Driftless Area what it is all about. The hatch information presented is based on a combination of first hand experiences, information from other local anglers who truly know this place and entomology texts I’ve read. If you have anything to add or if I made a mistake please feel free to contact me at: winonaflyfactory@gmail.com


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