I saw this the other day and I thought it was pretty interesting. I love the Driftless Area, I live here and I never plan to leave. I fish, hike, bike, hunt for morels, float rivers, grow a garden basically anything that involves being outdoors in the Driftless Area I’m in 100% so it would be hard for me not to want to preserve this amazing place. Check out the video and support the Driftless Area.


  1. Thank you for posting mysteries of the driftless. The driftless area is a true one of a kind gem. I know I would be lost with out it in my life! As time goes on I’ve seen the area grow slowly in popularity. Slow is the driftless way. Over time we will all need to step up and do our best to protect this great resource in what ever way we can! I’ve always said that no matter how hard life gets I know the streams will always be there for me. Let this be true for many many generations to come. The driftless is food the soul and I’m hungry!!!

    avatar J.D

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