I met David Nash a few years back when him and his father got out with me on an excellent late April day. I’ll never forget the fish his dad landed on his tenkara rod while we were out, a beautiful full bodied brown trout that made the day. If I remember correctly we found a couple morels and D. got into a few fish as well. Father and son. Fast forward six years to the video below and now David is showing his son trout fishing, passing it down to the next generation. This has been hands down the best three minutes of my day today. The excitement that fresh eyes have for the outdoors and fishing is something that we sometimes take for granted. I’m thankful for this as it shows me what kinds of memories I will get to create with my daughter in the future.

D. is an avid trout angler and amateur golfer living in the La Crosse area. Turns out he is currently working on perfecting the art of golfing and trout angling simultaneously. He is excellent with an acoustic guitar and has written, produced and released his own music all of which can be found on his website www.myleakywaders.wordpress.com. I highly recommend stopping over there to enjoy his music and perspective on angling in the area. Thanks D. for this video and the other stuff you share with the rest of us.


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