CaddisFlies by Gary LaFontaine

Caddis Fly Entomology Series Coming Soon

After reading Hatches 2 I was alittle dissapointed that I chose to research Mayflies first. I guess while fishing this summer was too intent on the fish to notice much else, including what they were really doing and eating, that I didn’t see a single mayfly. Honestly, I don’t want to admit that but hey, I’m going to be honest. I should say that I might have seen one in passing but not noticed it as such. So now after reading Hatches 2 and noting the majority of the relevant information I am moving on to Gary LaFontaine’s famous Caddisflies, because when I was slowed to the point where I would pick up a rock I found caddis larva. Also, while fishing late in the season I saw insects, white, two winged and with two very long spotted antennae circling over riffles. I spent twenty minutes and got rather wet getting a few of these to inspect . This I now know was a Caddisfly. Next season is going to be so different. 


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