Just a quick post regarding the rain and what I observed yesterday. I fished clean water from 3-6pm yesterday, hot and humid conditions with a mixed bag of sun and clouds leading to some scattered precipitation. I fished a small streamer attempting to capitalize on the behavior of aggressive large trout when rain seems to hit. I’ve watched it happen before, as soon as the pressure changes and clouds roll in the larger trout just get super aggressive and come out from hiding. Yesterday I observed the same behavior. First spot I tossed my small bugger type pattern in I missed a 16inch fast aggressive fish, second cast I watched a 6inch trout chase my streamed down to only get obliterated by a 20inch fish that was hanging between two huge boulders, he came out once more to sniff my streamer but that was it. The speed and aggression of that display was awesome to watch. Fished upstream for the afternoon, caught a few and lost a few. Nothing spectacular going on, the rain continued and I knew it was going to get worse so I packed it in. 

As for local creeks and what went down after I finished fishing yesterday…I checked my rain gauge this morning at just over 2inches from the 2hrs of heavy rain last night. My fire department was dispatched for a guy who got swept down the creek but that turned out to be a false report. The creek however did jump its banks, took out a culvert and damaged roads along the way. I would characterize the flooding in Southern Winona Co. as moderate, multiple creeks I drove past this mornings had high water marks a good 6-8feet above and outside the bankful mark. Everything was blown and chocolate. As usual headwater areas will clear quickly over the next day or two, larger areas should be decent in 4-5days assuming we don’t get any more rain as the ground is so saturated none of it is staying put. This weekend should be ok for fishing especially on smaller tribs but again that’s assuming we stay dry. That’s all I got for you today. Take care

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