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I was asked to perhaps spread the word a bit regarding a little known information treasure trove. With my hiatus I’ve had time to think about the reasons I started this blog and why I want to see it continue into the future. A central reason I created this site was to document my experiences in the hopes that I might learn from them and become a better angler. I quickly realized that I also had the ability to help others along the way. This forum in particular helped me quite a bit, so in the efforts of seeing it thrive, helping others and tipping my hat to the fellas who helped me with so many of my questions I’ve decided to drop a link to http://mntroutforums.com/ . These forums are free and if your in need of good information or just a good group of guys to talk trout with this is the place for you. Thanks to Randy for his work in keeping this resource going.


  1. Good plug! Glad to see you back in the mix.

  2. Hey bud, just noticed you were back in action. Good to see. Hope all is moving forward.


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