Tying to Imitate

The following is a list of all the species of Mayfly that inhabit the waters around me and hopefully a comprehensive list of size and color for both surface dries and subsurface nymphs. The one major piece of advice that Hatches 2 presents is that the best way to catch a trout is to have accurate imitations tied for size first, shape second and color third. The book really emphasizes this point. I hope this helps myself and others. If there is a major discrepancy let me know please.

Dark Hendrickson (Ephemerella subvaria) Reddish brown to tan.  April-May

Natural 10-12mm Dry Flies: 10-12, Nymphs 10-12 Std. length.

Light Hendrickson (Ephemerella invaria) Tan with olive and yellow cast. Late May-June

Natural 7 1/2-9 1/2mm Dry Flies 12-14, Nymphs 12-14 Std. Length

Iron Blue Quill (Paraleptophlebia) Dark gray with maroon cast. Late May-June

Natural 6-8mm Dry Flies 16-18, Nymphs 14-16 Std. Length

Sulfur (Ephemerella dorothea) Orange to cream. Late May-Early July

Natural 6 1/2-7 1/2mm Dry Flies 16-18, Nymphs 16 Std. Length

White-winged Blacks a.k.a. Trico’s (Tricorythodes) Charcoal. July-Sept

Natural 3-5mm Dry Flies 20-26, Nymphs 18 Std. 24-26 Turned Up Eyes.

March Brown (Macaffertium vicarium) Mottled tan and brown. June-Mid July

Natural 14-16mm Dry Flies 8-12 4x long, Nymphs 10 Std. and 10 3x long.

Light Cahill (Macaffertium ithaca) Cream to tan. June-Mid July 

Natural 10-12mm Dry Flies 10-12 2x Long, Nymphs 10-12 Std.

The Hex (Hexagenia limbata) Tan-Dark Brown Late June-July

Natural 16-35mm Dry Flies 6-8 4x Long, Nymphs 4-6 3x Long

Yellow Drake (Anthopotamus distinctus) Creamy yellow Late June-Early August

Natural 13-16mm Dry Flies 8-10 Std, Nymphs 10 Std. & 10 3x Long

White Fly (Ephoron leukon) White Late August-Sept.

Natural 9-14mm Dry Flies 8-12 2x Long, Nymphs 10-12 Std. & 10 3x Long

Little Blue-winged Olive (Plauditus punctiventris) Pale yellow olive Late June-Oct.

Natural 3-5mm Dry Flies 20-28 Turned Up Eye, Nymphs 20-28 Turned Up Eye

Blue-winged Olive (Baetis) Grayish olive to dark olive March-May & Sept.-Oct.

Natural 6-9mm Dry Flies 14-18 Std, Nymphs 14-18 Std.

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