After many laborious hours staring at a glowing screen to put the finish on a new fly factory film I decided a lack of screens and the sound of the stream was much needed. I fished from 11-2pm and managed to touch close to twenty or more browns all smaller with one pushing 14inches. I fished a popular spot that has been getting hammered this spring but it was still fishing. I tied on one fly, no back pack, no other gear just the one fly, phone in my pocket and my license in my leader wallet. Pretty nice to go with the bare minimum. I figured if I lost my fly I’d just call it a day, if it happen to be in the first half hour I figured I’d be close enough to my car to go back for another. I tend not to lose many flies these days anyway. #6 Dirty Mop in the surprisingly effective Blue and White color scheme. Fish were everywhere, shallow riffles accounted for 70% of the fish I touched today including the nicest three or four. I drug that heavy fly through everything that was deeper than 6 inches and trout just came screaming for it.

I stopped for a bit to spy a few trees for Morels but reports I’ve heard say they have yet to make it to the valley floor. The recent rain and continued rain through this weekend will bode well for their emergence. This time of year is special, it’s warm, things are finally green and the wildflowers on the stream provide a pop of color. The burning nettle is a little more than ankle high, by next week this time it will start to be an annoyance. The stream was running ever so slightly stained and about average for depth, the recent rains are doing things well around here. I fished under cloudy skies hoping to get an hour or so of fishing in during the rain to see if anyone wanted to play but the rain held off and I didn’t see any bruiser browns come out today, perhaps another. I was just happy to sneak away for a few hours between dad duties.

This was a much needed reprieve from the bustle that is May, seems that as soon as things get green around here the garden needs work (should have been doing that in April but my garden was still covered in snow…), the lawn needs to get mowed now, and inevitably some other aspect of life takes up more time than I wish it would. These moments are important to enjoy, sitting stream side thinking about the mushrooms to come and listening to the water. These are the reasons this place is important to me.

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